Single Again? Law of Attraction and Relationships

I became single at 39 after a 12 year marriage. Not so unusual in today’s world. I have many friends and clients making this transition back to sovereignty and it can be exhilarating and intimidating and scary too. Here’s some advice…
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How to Be More Creative

One critical thing I talk about with my coaching clients, whether it’s writing coaching, business coaching or personal coaching is the structure of creativity. I’m a highly creative person. I’ve made a living as a writer my whole life.…
When I look around my life for money - I find it!
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The Februaries and Manifesting

February can often be the most difficult month for people. It’s still winter, dark and cold. Things don’t appear to be manifesting as quickly as you would like. You’ve made all these ambitious goals and set these beautiful intentions.…

A Very Sane Christmas

About 12 years ago I cracked up at Christmas. Literally. I totally lost it. And I couldn't get it back. In a short period about a year before I had witnessed 9/11, had my first child, moved three times and quit/lost my job. But that didn't…

September Harvest Time and Law of Attraction

For two years I’ve been sowing seeds, pulling the weeds of my psyche, watering, ever watering and shining the brightest sunshine I can find on the garden of my life. Grow. Grow. Grow. My Soul has whispered. Just keep growing. So it…
When I look around my life for money - I find it!

Mind Control & Brainwashing: Law of Attraction and Relationships

Brainwashing works. Terrorists and kidnappers know that it's a highly effective means to get a specific outcome. To get what you want, you must choose good Brainwashing techniques for yourself, you must get great at controlling your own…

To the Left, Universe: Law of Attraction & Money

Soooo Close!! Sometimes the Universe sends you something that's Oh So Close! You've made the list and clear requests. You've put it on your dream board. You've visualized it. Maybe it's the red car. Maybe it's the house. Perhaps it's a…

Editing! Editing! Editing! Dream Board "Accidents" (Law of Attraction and Relationships)

Earlier this month I was feeling lonely and sad. And I mean lonely and sad. It was out-of-character for me. Suddenly, I was sitting in my vintage green meditation chair, enjoying the serenity of my new pink bedroom, sad and lonely, when…
You don't need money to live, but it sure is fun to have!
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Law of Attraction and Money: You Don't Need Money to Live

Year of YES Mastermind coaching can show you how to have fun without relying on money: For more information about how to live without all the money and still have fun check out:
The Universe sent me gifts to remind me that I'm OK.
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Soul Path: You Are OK

Live from your Soul and remember that You are OK: Find out more about living from your soul:
When I look around my life for money - I find it!
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Law of Attraction and Money: Start Seeing the Money Around Your Life

Check out The Year of YES! Coaching packages and find out how you can start seeing money around YOU: For more information on money and Law of Attraction click here:
When I look around my life for money - I find it!

Emerging Women Cracked My Heart Wide Open

  A portal in the Universe split open and the Divine Feminine descended on some of the most powerful women on the planet at the Emerging Women Conference in Boulder this weekend. We invited the Sacred Mother in, ideas bounced around…