Seeing Cash —LOA & Soul Purpose

I've been lately. With my brain. With my beliefs. With the manifestation of my Soul Purpose. I just published my memoir, my life's work, The Year of YES! The Big Dream. Why can't I just be happy about it? Why doesn't it feel…

Mind Control & Brainwashing: Law of Attraction and Relationships

Brainwashing works. Terrorists and kidnappers know that it's a highly effective means to get a specific outcome. To get what you want, you must choose good Brainwashing techniques for yourself, you must get great at controlling your own…

To the Left, Universe: Law of Attraction & Money

Soooo Close!! Sometimes the Universe sends you something that's Oh So Close! You've made the list and clear requests. You've put it on your dream board. You've visualized it. Maybe it's the red car. Maybe it's the house. Perhaps it's a…