soul path
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Being Flexible While Maintaining Focus

When you are on a Soul Journey, you go through a lot of shifts. I know I did when I was walking the path to get to where I am today. You think your Soul is calling you in one direction and you start creating expectations about what it might…
receive your YES!
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The Crabs in the Bucket

As I was doing my personal healing work and working on overcoming my issues around prosperity, abundance, and my fear of being seen, I heard a story about yes, a bucket of crabs. There was a successful fisherman who lived in a shack by the…
receiving joy
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Bringing All of the Juicy, Delicious, Satisfaction Into Your Life You Can Handle… Plus Some!

Are you looking for more oomph? Has it been a while since you looked at your life and were just overwhelmed with the synchronicity, ease, beauty, and abundance that were flowing in? I remember in 2012, that’s not that long ago, actually having…
self growth
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Why Being My Worst Enemy Turned Me Into My Best Friend

For years I was my own worst enemy. I let myself be treated poorly, even abused, by the people that I loved and cared about the most. I swallowed my pain in an effort to be kinder, more loving, and more worthy of the kindness, affection, and…
say YES!
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Making Love to Your Life Through YES!

I used to run around all of the time. I had a total scarcity mindset. It showed up in the way I experienced time, my money, and my relationships. I had a constant, nagging fear deep in my belly that I carried with me. I broke my clavicle and…
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How to make money as a blogger

Have you seen all those ads telling you how to make money as a blogger? Gotten sucked into a conference or an ecourse? Invested years of your life trying to squeeze a few bucks from adsense? Yeah, I did all that too. And I’ve gotten checks…

Law of Incremental Specificity in Law of Attraction and Money

So you want to make $1 million dollars? And you keep affirming and visioning it. Why haven’t you manifested it yet? One reason is that you can’t even conceive of what a million dollars is. You have no belief whatsoever that you can get…
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Dream Board Time 2015

Have you examined and reflected on your Dream Board from 2014? I going to share some results from people I know, clients, my family and myself to help you make an EPIC Dream Board for 2015. 20/20 Eyes First, to review last year's board…