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Rockin' the Vagina

I walk into my BFF Jenny's house (Yes, the fabulous Jenny, owner of Ms. Sparrow's Holistic Cleaning Co.), she turns from the delectable tomato soup she's stirring for our girls night and says, You're rockin' the vagina today with that…
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The Anti-Shocker

Hollister back to school t-shirts are inappropriate. They have sexualized messages on them. I can't even muster up any fake shock today. Sorry. Am I officially desensitized or just having an off week? Jezebel can at least still muster up…
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Swimsuits, Clothes & Body Image

One major secret to a positive body image is wearing the right clothing for your body. Clothing that doesn't show everything is clothing that cleverly hides flaws and private areas. Like the above dress, for instance. I don't want to mislead…

Perfect Ass

Ainsley, do not borrow shorts with words on the booty ever again. Is it possible that some parents don't understand how a word puzzle works? I can't think of any other reason they would let a little girl wear shorts that say Perfect Ass.
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Costume Contest Winner

I received most comments about the Dalmatian, a handmade thrift store and black marker costume. The costume was submitted by Angela White of Breastfeeding 1-2-3. She's won a great Seagate Go Portable Hard Drive. Congratulations. Keep it…
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Last (Lovely) Glimpse of Halloween 2008

Bride of FrankensteinCheetah Ok, I'm no longer taking entries in the contest. I'll give you a few hours to leave comments voting on all the entries I published over the weekend and then I'll announce the winner of the Seagate Go Portable Hard…
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Real Girls' Costumes IV

Pirates, Bunnies, Kittens and Monsters? Oh MY! Renaissance Princess Rocket and Ferris Wheel (Sooo Clever!) Nightmare Before Christmas Pirate Number 2 Pencil & friends Sweet Watermelon Pink Poodle Little Lovelies Leave…