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Are you ready to say YES! to your Soul and be happy?

I’m a spiritual business and life coach. I offer one-year private coaching programs for people like you. It’s a one-year commitment because that’s what it’s going to take to completely transform your life. Hit a roadblock? I’m there. Can’t figure out what to do? I’m there. Feel your Ego throwing a tantrum? I’m there.

My focus is on helping you drown out the outside voices like your Ego. We silence other people’s expectations and their agendas for your life so that you can hear your Soul speak and guide you to happiness. More money. More Love. More Joy. YES! That is what you can expect.

The Promise

Your Soul knows where it’s going.

It knows the fastest, easiest way to get there

and it will never, ever steer you wrong.

  • It’s a KICK!

    Seriously, my clients have a lot of fun during this process. Yes, we’re going to do the hard work. Still, it’s going to feel goooood. That’s really what you want, right?. To have fun and feel good?


    There’s magic in this work. When you commit to coaching and a Year of YES! things start to happen. Work less and get more clients, more money and have more innovative ideas. Your relationships improve—not because you’re “working” on them, but because you’re more satisfied, intentional and in your power.


    This works because it’s practical. I’m not going to tell you to sit in Lotus and just expect money to come to you. No. We’re going to look at a business plan and the numbers. I’m not going to tell you to just find 20 minutes for yourself. No. You will become the master of your time. And that kind of spiritual practicality is what it takes to live your Soul’s Purpose while you’re here in human form on Earth right now.

  • It’s spiritual

    We work on practical matters from a spiritual perspective. In other words, we shut your Ego up so your Soul can give you some direction and wisdom. Yes, you become master of your time, but your Soul is the one who’s making priorities. Yes, we improve your business, but we do it by taking your Soul’s direction.

  • It’s badass

    It takes a badass to run your own life by your Soul’s Purpose. You may not be a total badass yet, but you will. Learn to be assertive and direct, set boundaries and make new rules for your own life.

  • It’s Affordable

    Funny thing. I used to charge way more money for private coaching because that’s what the biz coaches told me I should do. But it did not sit well with my Soul. My Soul feels a calling to help you. So I lowered my prices so that people like you—on the verge—can get the help they need.

  • it’s for you

    This isn’t something you do for your spouse, parents or children. This is something you do for YOU! Because you hear a cry from your Soul to do something different, more exciting, more fulfilling. Something with meaning. Your Soul’s Purpose.


" Mom....your Life Coach is Really Amazing! I mean she's REALLY AMAZING!" I think so too Olivia ❤Tracee Sioux ?

Olivia Client's Daughter April 19, 2016