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soul path

soul pathI have had the incredible pleasure (and blessing) of working with so many small business owners here in Fort Collins. These are amazing people called to do the highest good. They work hard in their crafts, dedicate themselves to their businesses, and contribute to our community. These people rock! Their gifts are much-needed in our beautiful town. And many of them just have no idea where to start.

There is something incredibly beautiful about healers. Many of the healers that I am gifted to know are so talented. They are strong, beautiful people living out their Soul’s Purpose and truly living their Calling. They change lives and support amazing good on so many levels.

And these same beautiful people so often (and so incorrectly) feel guilty for asking for their true value. Many of them dramatically undersell themselves. They give their gifts out freely to the Universe and then struggle asking the Universe to help provide them with a stable, reasonable living in return.

Being a healer myself, I think it can be easy for healers to give so much that they lose sight of what it means to receive. There are some amazing, beautiful people out there who awe me with their ability to give seemingly endlessly. They never seem to tire, they never seem to wear out.  But that doesn’t mean that they can’t receive. Money is energy, just like the healing energies that you pour into your clients day in and day out. You can love your work. You can be fed on deep and soul-sustaining levels by your calling, and you can also be paid beautifully in return.

It took me a while to realize that the more attached I was to the idea of striving the less capable I really was of being able to actually give my gift. Every ounce of effort I was putting into wondering whether a basket of groceries was going to put me over my budget was energy that I couldn’t put into a client. Every moment spent on worrying about bills was one less moment to write books and create workshops.

When we are called to great works, God promises us that He will support and provide for us all that we need to make it through those times. If you’re letting your daily worries get in the way of your gift, then it’s time to talk. tracee@traceesioux.com

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