One Last Kiss for 2010

2010, I loved you.

You were good to me, my family and The Girl Revolution in many ways. I feel the urge to make a gratitude list, a review so I won’t forget that 2010 deserved one last lingering kiss as the hours wound down. My list is big and small, full of major and minor miracles, involves big shifts in emotion, some falling down and some getting back up, creating little habits that add up to big results, and some shifts in perception.

  • We moved to Colorado, on the tail-end of a promotion for my hard-working man.
  • Our house rented in Texas, making us property investors.
  • We bought a beautiful home in a warm and friendly neighborhood.
  • I bought a Size 4 (four) pair of Levi’s and can wear them comfortably. (I keep checking the tag to make sure.)
  • I replaced most of my other clothing with size Smalls. (Again, checking the tag.)
  • I worked out nearly every day and ate pretty much anything I wanted. (See The Four Day Win by Martha Beck.)
  • I got access to great Yoga classes and instructors and became a better Yogi.
  • I read a lot of fantastic books.
  • I was an efficient and loving wife.
  • I was an effective and loving mother.
  • I was a very good friend.
  • I became closer to my parents.
  • I planned and executed a new business model (rolling out in Jan 2011.)
  • The Girl Revolution grew.
  • I wrote and compiled Two (2) books, with a 3rd in planning, to be released in 2011.
  • I wrote two essays to be published in Mother’s of Intention by Joanne Bamberger, PunditMom, in 2011.
  • I had lots of paying work and saw my work published in non-Internet publications.
  • I let go of quite a lot of anger, dealt with some worthiness issues, became more confident.
  • I quit smoking again. (Thank you Chantix.)
  • My marriage became deeper, more affectionate, romantic and fun.
  • I got an iPhone.
  • Went on a lot of adventures, traveled a little and learned a lot.

It was a very good year. I loved 2010. Totally worthy of a big, wet kiss.

Lean on in 2011 . . . I think I’m ready to go all the way.


Tracee Sioux is a Law of Attraction Coach at  She is the author of Love Distortion: Belle, Battered Codependent and Other Love Stories. Contact her at

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