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No Bratz No! Tantrum or Go with the Flow?

By Tracee Sioux

Her Paw Paw took Ainsley to her first soccer practice last night because I had bought tickets to a charity event.

When he dropped her off he also dropped the news that the soccer commissioner had refused to change the team name from Bratz.

My first instinct was to throw a holy fit with the commissioner, demanding that they change the name or put my daughter on a different team.

However, I’m willing to explore any alternatives that might come to mind.

I do not want to cheer for Bratz. I do not want my daughter to look up to or emulate Bratz.

But, I do want this to be a great experience for her and I don’t to ruin it by throwing a tantrum.

Any advice out there? Please leave comments about this, I would appreciate any alternatives.

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  1. andrearocks says:

    If you back down now you are teaching her a clear message that she can accept a lesser standard for herself for the rest of her life. Teach her to demand only the best of herself and also those who are supposedly role models and teachers. If your child just mixes in with the rest of the crowd, that is exactly what she will be…the rest of the crowd. Educate her above and beyond the average child and give her something special that she will appreciate as she learns and grows. Give her a sense of respect and wisdom that so many of todays youth lack by default because of the choices their parents made or didn’t make. It is the small things or decisions that seperate the successful from the unsuccessful, the happy from the unhappy, the wealthy from the poor. And, according to the ‘secret’ would you want her being refered to as a brat, or would you have this incredible knowledge of ‘the secret’ being imbeded into her mind as a child and practiced now as opposed to later when she has already practiced bad habits?

    I would not fight the point, I would just transfer her to another team that would be more suitable to your goals as a mother.

  2. So Sioux Me says:


    I am taking your advice about trying to change Ainsley’s team.

    I have called and emailed the soccer commissioner about putting her on a different team. The Gumdrops, team 3, Shortcakes, The Possibles – any other team name would be preferable.

    I will let you know how it goes.

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