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Nearsighted Visionary

So I’m on the way to my grandmother’s funeral in January and I realize something startling: I can’t read the road signs.

Over the summer there had been hints that perhaps I might be losing a little bit of my vision. But, I had convinced myself that I was imagining it. Sometimes I felt like I might have sleep in my eyes or something, why else would my vision be blurry? It was too dark to see that sign, or too bright to read that one, or my sunglasses are craptastic and that’s why I’m squinting every time I leave the house.

I have perfect vision, better than 20/20, in fact. That’s what I know is true about me.

And then. I’m driving across the country and I can’t “read” the road signs by knowing where I’m at and remembering what the signs say. Because this isn’t my town and I actually need to read the signs in order to get where I’m going and not get into an accident.

Only then do I begin to admit that I might, just maybe, need contacts or glasses. Maybe. I’m not saying I actually DO, but maybe I could at least get a vision exam.

But, then I start pricing the cost of this new healthcare development. I lost my health, dental and vision insurance with last year’s divorce, so I’m extra-conscious about what taking care of myself in a responsible manner actually costs.

Turns out you have to pay for the exam, then the frames, then the sunglass frames, then the lenses which may turn out to be more expensive because you might have an astigmatism or you might need bifocals, then the contacts. It soon becomes apparent that you’re looking at $300-$500 minimum. To see, which only months ago I was doing without any assistance at all. How do you explain that?

I’ve been pricing my options and through recommendations of friends I have considered ordering from 1800Contacts. They now have a mobile app, which makes ordering simple and they offer $5 off the order, plus free shipping, when you use it. In addition to their lower prices on contacts in general, they are offering $10 off an order, plus free shipping for orders over $100.

Beauty Side Note: A few drops of contact lens solution in a tube of mascara extends the life of mascara by months! That’s just a little tip I found on Pinterest that changed my life. Eyes are the window to the soul, after all, they deserve to be accented with good mascara.

*** A special thanks to 1800Contacts for supporting The Girl Revolution with this sponsorship.

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