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Ms. Tracee, Substitute Teacher


I’m substitute teaching this year.

I need to make money.

My three-and-a-half-year-old son Zack is watching too much TV and playing too many video games when he’s not in preschool. I think he’ll do very well in preschool five days a week. He even gets swim lessons.

I, am not giving up on The Girl Revolution. How could I? It’s the best free job I’ve ever had. This, no doubt, is a labor of love.

Having done some research on publishing, however, I’ve realized: I’m gonna need some money. I better make some.

I am also considering getting my teaching certificate. As much as you hear about teachers being paid poorly, it would be a substantial raise for me. It also comes with little perks like school hours and summers and vacations that match my children’s. Health insurance and 503Cs have taken on new importance for me now that I’ve over 35.

Being a substitute teacher this year will let me figure out if I love being around the students and in a classroom. So far I do.

Some perks of subbing are that I get to put on my tennis shoes and walk during my conference periods. Someone else has to grade the papers and plan the lessons.

I also have time to read and hopefully do some writing and working on my book proposal.

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