Dear Men,

There’s a movement afoot, a revolution, an awakening. I believe you sense it but, you don’t have hard evidence of it. And you can’t figure out what it means for you. You are feeling a pull for more, but more what?

We’ve moved into a new stage of evolution, a small-business economy based on meaning and purpose. It’s a spiritual awakening, an empowering of individual entrepreneurs, an opportunity for purposeful profit, a marriage of business and spirituality.


Yet, it’s missing something critical.

You. Men.

This revolution is being led by women. We gather in heart-centered business conferences, we commune in private Facebook groups. We launch companies guided by our Soul’s Purposes.

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve been gaining momentum. That we’re pretty “independent” and “strong” by now. And I know a lot of you have wondered what your place is if we’re being all Super Woman, doing everything for everyone and we don’t need you to protect and provide. We can be intimidating.

If we can provide our own masculine qualities, “what do we need you for?” I’m sure you’ve read those words on the Internet, and they might have been written by me once upon a time.

What you don’t know is that there’s another awakening dawning.

It’s more of a craving, really.

We—the world-changing powerful entrepreneurial Super Women—miss you.

We gather in our heart-centered business conferences and whisper, Where are the


We gather in spiritual communities and question, Where are the men?

We’ve grown weary of being tough and strong. Doing everything has left us exhausted and drained. Exerting masculine energy has left us more depleted than fulfilled. Sure, we can pay the bills and lead a movement for change and take care of the kids and house and move furniture and handle the man chores and lead corporations and stand up to domineering bullies.

But, we’re kind of over it.

There are other rooms that we gather in that you probably don’t even know exist.

We gather in intimate circles—as women have for centuries—and we focus on being more feminine.

Would it surprise you to know that the vice president of your company longs to be soft and feminine? That she paints her room pink to bring out her vulnerability? That she craves a masculine presence to step in and take some of the burden?

There’s a longing for a new kind of sex too. A deeper, more intimate sexuality in which the feminine and the masculine reach God—with a dash of freak and kink thrown in for the thrill.

Our secret is that we like manliness, we crave it. Because we’re women. We want you to protect and provide. We want you to make decisions. We only thought we wanted total egalitarian relationships. It turns out that it’s a total turnoff for you to be so … well, afraid to be men.

We know that the last 30 years or so we’ve shamed you and demanded our power and claimed our place in the economy. We don’t regret that per-say. We’re not about to go back to the way things were before the Women’s Revolution.

Still, we miss your inherent masculinity. We miss your spiritual engagement. We miss your leadership and decisiveness. We miss your protect and provide instincts.

We miss being thrown over your shoulder and having our clothes ripped off—in the proper context, of course.

Where are the men?

Some say you’ve lulled yourselves to sleep addicted to sports, porn, beer and computers.

There’s a revolution afoot, an awakening, a movement and women want men on the path with us. Side by side. Leading together. It’s sexier. It’s more fun. It’s more powerful.

We don’t know where this goes or how it looks anymore than you do. We’re inventing it as we go. Invent it with us. Stop standing there and asking us what your role is in this new cultural landscape and invent the role you want.

I’m hosting a Year of YES! Soul Revival on the Sacred Grounds of Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado, October 24-26. Men, this is your invitation: to step back in the game, step into the Soul-Conomy, to awaken to the more your Soul has been calling for, to lead with us side by side.

Say YES!

Love, Tracee Sioux

Mastress of Manifestation