I Hate Sarah Palin!


As an advocate for girls let me make the following plea on behalf of your daughter:

Please, please, please speak respectfully of the one and only female candidate the Repubican Party has ever put on their ticket for Vice President of the United States – Sarah Palin.

What you say about Sarah Palin has the potential to translate to your daughters as your opinion of all women (including your daughter) seeking power.

Disrespectful criticism has the potential to translate, “I only respect other women if they agree with me.” Your daughter may one day disagree with you. This moment, and your reaction, won’t be forgotten by her.

Your example will also teach her how she should expect to be treated by those who disagree with her and how she should treat those who disagree with her.

In other words –

Mothers – don’t be a mean mommy and you won’t create a mean girl.

Fathers – don’t reduce her to whether you’d have sex with her and you won’t create a daughter who gets her self-worth from her sexuality or appearance.

I vividly remember asking my parents what the Equal Rights Amendment was as a child. I remember them telling me that it was a bill to make women equal to men. And they were voting against it.

Here’s how that translated to a six-year-old girl: “My parents are voting against ME! Why would they do that?”

I also remember criticism of Geraldine Ferraro that went something like, “We’ll never elect a woman president. God wants it that way.”

What you might say instead of “I Hate Sarah Palin” (or worse) might be, “I think a woman would make a wonderful Vice President, I just don’t agree with this particular woman’s political views on ________.”

It would be helpful, for your daughter, to avoid vague negative statements about Sarah’s suitability as a role model for girls. Instead you could say, “I think it’s wonderful that a female has gotten this far in American politics. It’s wonderful that women are becoming more powerful and ambitious in both parties. I just don’t agree with her views on ________.”

If you minimize and criticize the significance of Sarah Palin’s presence in this race, then you minimize and criticize your daughter’s potential.

It is my hope, as an advocate for girls, that they will never see another election in their lifetime where there is not a woman on either ticket.

Thanks to women’s adamant support of Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin both Republicans and Democrats have included women this year. Our top politicians have finally realized they can’t win without addressing women and women’s issues.

For our daughters’ sakes, let’s pray the inclusion of women – on all political levels and in all political parties – becomes the norm.

To be absolutely fair I made the same plea on behalf of Hillary and your daughter right before Super Tuesday. You can revisit that story in I Hate Hillary! I also advocated voting for Hillary for the sheer reason that she would be an example to my daughter of women in power for 4 years in Shut Up John Mayer, Stop Waiting For the World To Change.

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  1. Sandy says:

    Agree with everything you said even before you said it. Defended her right to run on my blog but I’m not so nice about it cuz I abhor her politics. But I really don’t give a crap about what kind of mother she is and it pisses me off that anyone else does.

  2. Kristen says:

    I would agree with you, but I might add it’s sort of telling that you didn’t think to urge people to say, “I think it’s wonderful that a biracial man has made it this far in politics, but I disagree with his policies.” Because the GOP has successfully turned Barack Obama’s popularity and likability into a fault (i.e., this “celebrity” slander), now many people feel it’s perfectly fine to simply say, “I hate Obama.”

  3. Laura in L.A. says:

    Thank you for this, Tracee. Your line, “I only respect other women if they agree with me” is exactly how I feel that the media has been acting, and it horrifies me.

    My children are not allowed to “hate” anyone. Period.

  4. Tracee says:


    I’ve said plenty of great things about Barack Obama. Mostly on my other website, Blog Fabulous, where I’ve said plenty negative stuff about Sarah Palin’s politics.

    This article simply wasn’t about him.

    This website isn’t about race either. It’s about gender. There have been 43 men who’ve held the office of President and somewhere around the same number of men who’ve held the office of Vice President. For my daughter, a girl, she’s no more likely to identify with Barack Obama as president than she has the other 43.

  5. Anonymous says:

    You are a moron for posting this. Sarah Palin is an evil Nazi who will be happy to take away all your rights. It doesn’t matter what the gender, she is a horrible, right wing hatemonger. If this were a Democratic nominee, the Republicans would be ripping into her already. Democrats need to grow some balls. There is nothing defensible about this so-called woman, and I would say the same were she a man. I’m sorry, but I am furious at everyone handling this evil witch with kid gloves.

  6. Esther Rivero says:

    Yes, lets continue to fight for our rights, lets continue to fight for our ambitions. To teach our daughters that motherhood and putting our children first is truly a step back in our fight for equality. I am a feminist, but a mother first. A mother who has put my children before my ambition. Women in America should be insulted by Palins abuse of her children. I know, caring for our children will put women back in the stone age, heaven forbid. But what about the fact that Palin wants to outlaw abortion in every form, including for victims of rape or incest. That she wants to teach creationism in the schools,
    making it harder for our teachers to compete with up-and-coming nations in science education. “That” won’t set us back just a bit!

  7. Satsuki Rebel says:

    Huh, I guess people feel strongly about this issue with Palin. Personally I disagree with you a bit. I agree that Daddy shouldn’t be viewing her a sex object but both should still have a right to speak their mind WITHOUT resorting to base insults. I think we SHOULD talk to our children about politics and our views. If we sat down and explained how we felt then there’s no reason our daughters would view it as an attack on females. Personally I disagree with Palin’s politics. I don’t hate her. I just think a mother has an obligation to BE a mother first and foremost. This has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with parenting. Sheltering our daughters, in the end, will do more harm than good.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Oh my. Problem is, I really hate her. I don’t care if she’s a woman, I hate her the same as I hate all the right-wing nuts who are destroying this country. She’s just the pawn of the corporate interests who use evangelicals to elect republicans who’ll keep the bucks flowing to the oil and utility owners. I hate her, hate everything she stands for, and I will proudly tell my daughter that I Hate Sarah Palin.

  9. mrs. blogoway says:

    You really made me stop and think. I will definitely be more careful what I say in front of my daughter. I still don’t like her or the lies that she told the other night, but you’re right that we should censor what we say to children.

  10. Monkey McWearingChaps says:

    I am proudly telling everyone I hate her for the same reasons anonymous outlined. She’s a pawn to get ignorant people to vote for the Republicans, who can then grow fat on the same policies that made them rich over the last 8 years. Frankly I don’t think she’ll last as VP-she’ll be asked to step down. McCain didn’t even want her.

    FTR, I am a former Republican, registered Independent and a woman (not to mention, a minority). I am plenty conservative (more fiscally than socially, although personally, I am pretty conservative). Palin sets my teeth on edge. She is a symbol of the stick-head-in-sand-distract-self-with-meaningless-crap mindset of this country. Meanwhile, China and India have put us on notice that they’re the next superpowers. But who cares? MOOSE FOR EVERYONE.

  11. Anonymous says:

    As a voter, I have every right to hear all sides (good, bad, ugly, whatever) about all candidates in the Presidential race. I think it's appauling that when free speech is the foundation of this country, we want to shut people up when they have things to say that others don't want to hear. It's odd to me that bringing out all the details of Palin's life is cause for calls of censorship. Once one puts themselves in the public eye – especially one who wants to be hired (elected) to one of the highest positions in the world – has to be open to scrutiny. I'm a woman, I'm "Black," I'm in an interracial-interreligious marriage and I'm an American. I'd like to hear it all! I listened to one candidate get bashed for his name sounding like a well-known terrorist AND his race, another bashed for his age and his status as a cancer survivor. I think it's pretty fair to share all details (including familial) of another of the runningmates – especially when "motherhood" has been offered as one of her qualifications to hold the job for which she is running. I'm personally offended that the press and citizens are being asked to close their mouths at the one time in this electoral process in which we actually have the power to speak. Please lighten up people. I have to understand that people say things like, "I don't want to vote for this O'Sama or whatever his name is," and I also understand that there are some people who don't like O'Bama because he's Black. I think we have to understand, not like, but understand, that there ae some people who may not like Palin because she's a woman, but they may not like her because she's pro-war, against a woman's right to choose, because she's new to the national landscape & only recently got her passport, because she's Alaskan or for any other reason. But the bottom line is, people have a constitutional right to love or hate her, stay silent or shout about her and whatever else in this important time of decision making.

  12. Her Bad Mother says:

    Thank you. I might not be Palin’s biggest fan, but I totally agree with what you say here.

    And it needed to be said.

  13. Kelly says:

    These women that are falling for all of Sarah Palin’s bullshit make me ashamed to be a woman. She is nothing but George Bush in a skirt.
    She is NO Hillary Clinton – FAR from it!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    It is wrong to hate. We are one universe and we have to choose wisely who will help us foster that energy. Sarah is a part of the whole. We need to act as a whole. I DO NOT agree w/ her politics and your comments against her honestly make me smile…but I have to step back and say we need to love our fellow man and teach them to love one another. If Palin was truely a Christian woman she would understand that. She is a phony, she is delusional, etc…but there is no reason to hate. If we hate our fellow man/universe, we will certainly falter and destroy our race. Our number one focus should be the environment which sustains all life and foreign policy to stabilize our revised international policy. It is a tough road but it is pointless to get caught up in the show of politics…I mean who cares that she’s a woman and he’s an old fart and he’s a bi-racial man w/ a different name. What it comes down to is who will serve the greater good…not the greedy. The world is in need of reform and forgivenss….I believe Barrack will lead the way. I only hope the universe will accept our late apologies. In short, there is MUCH more at stake here than who the candidate is….the question is what will they bring the world…will they listen to us? When they are not listening we must press the issues that are most important no matter Dem. or Rep…..whomever is elected….WE the PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES must push our leaders. We are in charge of our own destiny. Think positive and positive things will come….no matter the outcome in Nov. We must not be bitter any longer…we must not complain…we must be the change we wish to see in the world….it is the Power of Now! Go Obama/Biden! Go America!

  15. MomAtHome says:

    I definitely agree with you. Girls emulate what they see and hear primarily from parents. Raise them to love and respect themselves and others and they definitely will. You see I have two girls myself.

  16. Crack Whore says:

    So Sarah Palin deserves special treatment because she is a woman?

    I don’t know anyone who hates Palin because she is a woman. People dislike her because of her views of sex ed, abortion, banning books, taking polar bears off the endangered animals list, refusal to believe in global warming etc.

    If people have the right to hate McCain, Bush, Obama, and Biden, they have the right to hate Sarah.

    Positive discrimination is still discrimination, and contradicts the ERA that you were so upset to find your parents voted against.

  17. Anonymous says:

    As a conservative women in my mid 40’s with 6 children ages 19 to 7 months I LOVE Sarah Palin because she is a conservative woman. I would have never voted for Hilary because she is not conservative. This country will soon find out that small town conservative women with large families vote and teach their sons and daughters to vote. We are and always have been proud of this country and we bring our children up to do the same. Country and Family come First The nomination of Sarah Palin has awaken a sleeping tiger in this country the conservative woman.

  18. Casey says:

    Very well written.

    It’s shocking to me how much hatred is passed between people on-line. The writer didn’t make a political stance. She made one about gender. And, she was correct.

    As always, the bravest and most hurtful remain “anonymous”. You should be ashamed of yourself. Let’s hope this negativity isn’t passed on to your children.

  19. respect says:

    WOW, just wow…. i think it is so laughable when people have SOOOO much to say, yet they post Anonymous…. come on. grow some balls and post if you believe, don’t hide…. and respect to those who don’t do this… to each their own, but don’t hide. what is that old saying and some country song “you’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything”….

  20. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been thinking about this, and I probably do hate Sarah Palin, but will accept, for argument’s sake, that some things are better left unsaid. However, I will not couch my negative comments about her with “I think it’s great a woman was elected VP” because I think it sends the wrong message. Frankly, I think electing an unqualified former Beauty Queen does more harm than good. And I’m *not* glad that “a woman” was nominated. I might be glad about *particular* women being nominated, but the mere presence of a second X chromosome just doesn’t further any cause, except, in this case, causes that I don’t believe in: pro-animal cruelty, pro-drilling, anti-choice, anti-transparency, and pro-deficit spending. It is not, as the blogger suggests, “[w]onderful that a female has gotten this far in American politics. It’s wonderful that women are becoming more powerful and ambitious in both parties.” Pure ambition alone is not a virtue. And as far as being more powerful, I don’t think it’s any more wonderful for a wrong-headed woman to be powerful than a wrong-headed man. I will not, therefore, laud her ambition nor celebrate her rise to power. I want my daughter to learn that everyone deserves respect initially, but that it must be earned to be maintained. It starts with treating those around you with kindness and decency, and helping those less fortunate than you when you are in the position to do so. Sarah Palin has done neither. I refuse to varnish over that fact.

  21. Tracee says:

    I’m glad you’re thinking about it anonymous. This post is mostly about discussing Sarah Palin in the context of WHY you hate her policy issues or her style of governance – as opposed to saying things about her gender or her clothing or hair as a cause of hatred like “I hate that Effin B*#$H” or “She’s just a beauty queen.” Or simply screaming “Whore!” at the TV screen might send the wrong message about what there is to hate about Sarah Palin’s politics. It might be confused by a small child as “I hate her because she’s a girl.”

    I’m not suggesting you vote for Sarah, just that we are conscious about what we say about her to our daughters.

  22. Rhiannon says:

    I will proudly say I HATE SARAH PALIN. AND I’ll be sure to explain why. When Hilary was still in the running, you don’t think men in the republican party were whispering under their breaths she can’t be president, she’s a woman?

    Then McCain parades around with Miss Congeniality hanging off his arm and I’m suppose to sit back and take this slap to the face and say, “Hey this is still a moment where WOMEN can shine – WE WOMEN still have a chance to finally hold a seat of power in the White House?!” Even if comes at the price of showing the rest of the Global community that we choose BEAUTY over BRAINS?! This ISN’T about female empowerment – it’s about being responsible, INTELLIGENT adults. I will NOT be insulted by McCain or anyone else for that matter, who thinks my vote can be bought by a power suit whose mantra is “God, Family, Freedom” – just because she looks good and has a really great pageant wave. At what cost? OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!

  23. anyamartinez says:

    I dislike Sarah Palin greatly. I feel that she is not qualified to be vice president, although she IS eligible.

    I feel that hunting wolves from helicopters is unsporting and possibly cruel. I question inceased drilling for oil as true energy independence. I fear that she will use that position to limit what women CAN achieve.

    I worry about her religious faith imposing upon my freedom to not practice religion, and her links to preachers claiming to fight witchcraft.

    I question the decision she made to FLY from Texas to Alaska, knowing full well that she was leaking amniotic fluid, it strikes me as extremely careless of the well-being of her baby, Down’s syndrome or not.

    I wish her daughter well, but I wouldn’t be in her shoes for anything. I will be voting for Obama, but I do not respect or like Sarah Palin.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I want to feel free to hate her if this is what I feel. She spreads hate with her speeches, I just feel it.

    I don’t see why her being a woman is an excuse for every stupidity that flies out her mouth. In fact, every time she opens her mouth I feel she destroys what women achieved in time. Comparing her to Hillary is hilarious.

    And let’s be clear that SP presents herself in a sexual manner that annoys me and frustrates me to no end and that I find an appalling examples for young women. The glamor of Hollywood is enough, I don’t need a politician to be sexy and wink.

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