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Glee’s Lea Michele, First GQ, Now in Bed With Dove

Last week Lea Michele, the lead actress and head Gleek on the hit television show Glee, was shot in a spread for GQ Magazine in poses intentionally looking like a hyper-sexual little girl. The lollipop, the school girl attire, common props for “little girl” fantasies in porn.

People got upset. Amy Jussel from Shaping Youth, Melissa Wardy from Pigtail Pals among many.

This week, Lea Michele, is making her debut in a virtual duet of These Are a Few of My Favorite Things with Julie Andrews from The Sound of Music for none other than Dove’s, the mother of Campaign for Real Beauty. A marketing campaign I have been publicly supportive of.

Dove, the body care company who’s marketing campaign has largely been built on images of real, imperfect women in their underwear and educating about the early beauty pressure and sexualization of girls in marketing through viral videos like Under Pressure.

As a woman, how is this supposed to fit neatly and congruently in my head? As a mother, how am I to trust that Dove cares about the Onslaught (another viral marketing video of Dove’s) of highly-sexualized and objectified marketing women and girls face? Maybe a new business coach is in order?

When faced with images of your spokesperson looking like this?

What’s up with this Dove?

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  1. Amy Jussel, Shaping Youth says:

    Not sure of the order there, but def worth a convo w/Jess to see if she can shed some light on the branding gaffes.

    Personally, I’m still reeling at the naivete/misguided blame game of stars shirking off the photoshoot onto parents, (i.e. why are kids seeing that GQ, parents should ‘control their media’ etc) as if those visuals took place in a vacuum, tidily bubble wrapped & sealed with a potential plain paper porn label instead of plastered all over the internet and every freakin newstand and big box retail store. sigh. Media literacy convos have a loooooong way to go, n’est ce pas?

  2. SJ Fair says:

    While I understand that you feel perfectly justified in your website – I also understand that pedophiles world wide are jumping for joy at the position you and so many other parents take, you are doing nothing wrong. I know it’s not “right”, you know it’s not right – and pedophiles DO NOT CARE about right or wrong. They LIKE the sweet innocence – not someone training to be a porn star.

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