So, of course I wanted to know, who owns the domain empoweringgirls(dot)com? I went there and it seemed to be parked. I wanted to contact the owner to see about acquiring the web address, so I scrolled to the bottom and clicked.

I was redirected to wildpartygirls(dot)com.

Porn, of course.

Girl is a 4 letter word.

APA Reports Sexualization of Girls Devastating

Sorry, no pictures today.

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  1. Lisa @ Corporate Babysitter says:

    Arguhh! At the CCFC Conference, a researcher spoke abour porn and how the only way to attack it is to go after the money. It is such a big business.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could afford to buy up all those domain names?

  2. Tracee says:

    I’d buy empoweringgirls.com but the pornographers haven’t gotten back to me – I left a comment with the question, “who owns this domain name and how much can I buy it for?”

    I wonder how one would go about doing such a thing? And I probably couldn’t afford it.

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