The City Where Dreams Are Born

there’s no better place to focus on yours

Vibrate with Purpose & Passion

New York City vibrates with passion and purpose. Dreams are made here. Discover the pulse of the city’s magic.

Soul Focus

Get out of your day-to-day to hear your Soul speak. Block out your to-do list for a few days. Surround yourself with Soul & Pleasure Drenching. The is the best way to experience a shift.

Connection is Sacred

The Soul is lonely for like-believing Souls. Connect with Tracee Sioux and the other participants to satisfy your Soul’s longing for connection.

When: July 7-10, 2016

This is the Place

Gorgeous pre war rowhouse apartment

Brooklyn, NY, United States
Gorgeous Large sunny 2 Bedroom apartment in a historic row house, on the most beautiful tree line street. Hardwood floors, original moldings, exposed bricks, Asian style bathroom with an above coun...

City + Universe = Magic

Expect Miracles

  • Start With Intention

    As always, we start with intention. What do you want from this adventure? What do you hope to go home with? More peace about money? Less stress about time & overwhelm? A better idea about how to attract a perfect match? This will be a beautiful and powerful ritual.

  • Release It To The Universe

    We will be learning energy tools and playing Law of Attraction games to better learn how to manifest our intentions.

  • The City Will Be Our Guru

    We will get out into the city to experience what it has to offer as the guru of dream-making. This is an act of faith and trust that the Universe will use the city to deliver our desires and intentions to us. Surrounded by lights and action and the fascinating wildlife of city Souls with their big dreams and the passion with which they chase them.

This is Included:

  • VIP Coaching

    Three days of coaching, coaching and more coaching! Encouragement included.

  • Workshop Materials

    Primarily this will be experiential. And there will be some workshopping and ritual which will help you with the practical side of magic. Content will be tailored to specific participants’ needs. Possibilities include wrangling the time demon, getting rid of money woes, dropping weight and becoming healthier and definitely some Soul Whispering meditations.

  • 1 Year Maxcelerators Membership

    Join a mastermind of likeminded people, complementary for one year. Membership includes a private Facebook page, 1 coaching call per month (plus all past coaching call recordings), all digital classes I’ve ever created, many rituals and meditations and weekly emails. This is a $497 value.

  • #yesthankyoumoreplease Jewelry

    You will sport a #yesthankyoumoreplease necklace or bracelet to remind you that you’re always sending messages to the Universe. Check ’em out.

  • Food

    We’re gonna eat yummy, healthy-ish food and lots and lots of it. There might be one meal out per day.

  • Beverages

    But, there will be beer & wine, a modest selection b/c this isn’t a kegger and we need to be able to hear our Souls’ voices.

Space is Limited

unless a lot of people sign up

  • 3 Beds

    There are three beds in the Brooklyn brownstone I’ve rented.

  • 2 People

    There is room for 2 people if there is single sleeping.

  • 2 Couples

    There is room for doubling up on beds. So maybe you’re part of a couple, or maybe you don’t mind snuggling up to your BFF.

  • Extended Stay

    You might as well stay in NYC and see the sites. In which case, you don’t have to stay in the brownstone. You can come for breakfast and cruise after dinner.

  • More People = More Rentals

    IF I get enough interest I can rent another brownstone in the same neighborhood.

  • Invite Someone

    So maybe you want to invite a friend to allow more people to attend and also because sharing this type of thing can be pretty healing for your relationship or bonding for someone new.

Investment in the Sacred Care of Your Soul

$1001 (private room & bed)
$1,497 (BYO snuggle partner)
$696 (stay in own accommodation)

Travel + Additional Expenses

some additional expenses to keep in mind

  • Flight

    There are some pretty affordable tickets on Southwest, Frontier (if you take out a credit card they give you a free flight), Spirit Airlines (they have a $9 flight club?!?!) or use your miles.

  • Subway Card

    A weekly subway card is $31.

  • Eating Out

    NYC has the best food in the world from street hot dogs and Gyros to Little India, China Town and Little Italy. We will take a consensus for food options. Much of the eating will be done at the brownstone and that food will be provided.

  • Attraction to Admissions

    There will be no more than one admission fee per day. Our pace will be mellow.