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How Being Your Full, True Self is Even BETTER Than You Imagined

I am 100% dedicated to the Law of Attraction. I have studied it and actively practiced it for years, and I know how powerful it is, and how well it works. It was the core focus of my Year of YES!, and brought me over, and around, and through…
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Why Worthiness is a Lie

We have ALL felt unworthy.  At some point in time, we have had those thoughts and feelings. There is a Little Liar in our Heads that talks to us and tells us this crap. It lies through its teeth. It lies, and sinks its nasty little venom into…
manifesting by choice
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Be Careful What You Wish For

I was about halfway through my Year of YES! when I started seeing a pattern. Things were showing up for me in a big and powerful way. I was making changes. My life was shifting tremendously. I was waking up. I was changing my consciousness about…
Soul's Purpose
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The Difference Between Living and Dreaming Your Soul’s Purpose

As a writer, I spent over a decade of my life filled with the intense, deep, sometimes overwhelming knowingness that I was meant to live by the Word. I was BUILT to be a writer. My entire Soul was crying out to me to live the Purpose that…
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How to Make a Dream Board That Really Works

Dream Boards work. They just do. But, sometimes we can screw up the process by changing direction too many times. This is why I’ll never make a dream board halfway through the year. It’s not that it won’t work in June, or that it’s…
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How to Be More Creative

One critical thing I talk about with my coaching clients, whether it’s writing coaching, business coaching or personal coaching is the structure of creativity. I’m a highly creative person. I’ve made a living as a writer my whole life.…
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Vision Boards + How to Be Less Busy

Have you made a Vision Board for this year yet? What are you waiting for? I’ve made 7 annual Vision Boards and done a lot of experimenting with them for myself, my kids, friends and clients. One major mistake that people make is to put…
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Law of Attraction’s Missing Link

Do you have everything you want? That inner peace knowing that you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing? The ability to manifest the opportunities and choices that will make you happy? Not yet? You know how spiritual people love…
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Dad makes more money than YOU!?!?!

Dad makes more money than YOU?!?!?! my daughter asked incredulously. It was probably the best compliment I’ve ever gotten. Because for a year-and-a-half after the divorce I was either feeding the kids from the food bank or I was checking…
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Dream Board Time 2015

Have you examined and reflected on your Dream Board from 2014? I going to share some results from people I know, clients, my family and myself to help you make an EPIC Dream Board for 2015. 20/20 Eyes First, to review last year's board…

Like a Good Bra, You Need the Right Support

In The Seven Secrets of Six-Figure Women by Barbara Stanny researched high-earners and under-earners to figure out what patterns and habits made the difference. A key difference was that every high-earning woman has the right kind of real…

Time Sex

Time Sex. In the mastermind, Maxcelerators: Maximize and Accelerate Your Soul’s Purpose in Business and in Life, I’ve invented a curriculum called Time Sex. It will be the first program I release in 2015. The focus on this group coaching…