Toddler T$&#y Tassle Shirt

Ainsley doesn't think this shirt is inappropriate because it just looks like trees on a shirt, "how is that inappropriate?" She wants to know. Which means I deserve a Gold Parenting Star or a Blue Ribbon of Daughter Raising. This means the…

Mother-Daughter Self Image

This is Ainsley's Madmen self image. She doesn't get to watch Madmen, but she hyjacked my self image, so I stepped back and  let her create herself. This is my self image. I tried to be as realistic as possible. This may say a lot about…
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The Anti-Shocker

Hollister back to school t-shirts are inappropriate. They have sexualized messages on them. I can't even muster up any fake shock today. Sorry. Am I officially desensitized or just having an off week? Jezebel can at least still muster up…
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Swimsuits, Clothes & Body Image

One major secret to a positive body image is wearing the right clothing for your body. Clothing that doesn't show everything is clothing that cleverly hides flaws and private areas. Like the above dress, for instance. I don't want to mislead…

Perfect Ass

Ainsley, do not borrow shorts with words on the booty ever again. Is it possible that some parents don't understand how a word puzzle works? I can't think of any other reason they would let a little girl wear shorts that say Perfect Ass.
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Controversial Post About Body Hair

Having given this a great deal of thought I've come to a fairly significant position on the issue of girls and body grooming. The Girl Revolution often looks at controversial hairy issues: should you let your daughter color her hair at 7?…

Sniff ... Sniff ... Tween Spirit?

I was at a Toastmasters Contest Saturday when I smelled something. I smelled it again. Unmistakable, that's B.O. Sniff. Whiff. I made a personal armpit check. Not me. Phew. To my left I leaned in for a discrete snort of my husband's pits.…
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Better Dead Than Red

by Leola Dublin My friend Jillian* called me last week with the latest crisis involving her 9-year old daughter. “Can you talk to Megan*?” “Sure, what about?” “She wants to be a blonde. She hates her hair.” “But Megan has gorgeous red…