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Publish a Book, Traditional Publisher vs. Self Publishing

When I was looking at how I wanted to birth my memoir, The Year of YES! into the world  I looked at my options from a business perspective. If I went with a traditional publisher I would invest the time and expense of finding an agent before…

Attracting Clients and the Conundrum of Busyness

I want new clients, I want new clients, I want new clients, you tell the Universe. And you’re wondering why they aren’t here yet. Well, look around your life of chronic busyness. Because the Universe is. The Universe is looking at…

Manifesting and Getting Shit Done

Huge practicer of Law of Attraction and manifesting money and relationships here. This is no surprise to anyone. No secret because I shout it from this blog and on newsletters and in The Year of YES! memoir. The Secret to manifesting Law…

Writing is Creative Discipline, How to Finish a Book

Since the explosion of the Internet, everyone thinks they can be a writer. They’ll pop a blog online, maybe start a Tumblr account, and start saying the things they’ve always wanted a forum to say. And two weeks later they’re out of…

How to Publish Your Book

Tracee Books! I looked down at my hand to see that I had written this phrase in ink on my own hand. It was completely subconscious and I laughed at the sillyness of it. I was at a Hay House conference, if you don’t know the story Hay…
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How to make money as a blogger

Have you seen all those ads telling you how to make money as a blogger? Gotten sucked into a conference or an ecourse? Invested years of your life trying to squeeze a few bucks from adsense? Yeah, I did all that too. And I’ve gotten checks…
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Dad makes more money than YOU!?!?!

Dad makes more money than YOU?!?!?! my daughter asked incredulously. It was probably the best compliment I’ve ever gotten. Because for a year-and-a-half after the divorce I was either feeding the kids from the food bank or I was checking…
You have a purpose, one that is unique to you, that only you can fill.
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Help Me Change My Life: Your Unique Purpose

Find out more about your unique purpose: http://bit.ly/1fE5tn9 Help me change my life?  That's what Tracee Sioux does every day for her clients. Click here to find out how she can help you change your life and find your unique purpose!