busyness to business
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Healing Your Addiction To Busy

I’m sorry, I can’t, I don’t have any time.  I’d really love to, but I’m so crunched right now. I hate that I have to miss it, but I’m overwhelmed with everything going on. I have to pass, I barely have the time to breathe right…
receiving your worth
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Listen To Your Soul and Live Abundance

Abundance, believe it or not, is a natural state of the Soul. You were born of god-stuff. You are the physical manifestation of an infinite being with incredible knowledge, power, potential, and gifts that have yet to be unveiled. Marianne Williamson…
self love
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Loving Yourself Enough To Let Yourself Go

When you start living by your Soul your old life will die. You won’t think the same thoughts. You will probably dress and act differently. You will have different feelings about yourself, your life, all of your relationships, your future,…
busyness to business
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The Importance of Self Care

One of the things I really got hammered into me during my Year of YES! was the importance of good self care. When you are consciously seeking to expand your awareness, increase your abundance and joy, and move into your Genius Zone you need…
Soul's Purpose
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Living Abundance

Abundance is a mindset. Yes. Absolutely. I have seen so many people perpetuate full generations of poverty through scarcity thinking. “We can’t afford it.” “It costs too much.” “But we have to spend money on (insert anything…
year of YES!
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Why Failure is God’s Gift

How many times have you felt like just as you started getting up and going in life you ran into a wall? You’re almost there. Bam! You’re getting closer. Bam! You have it almost figured out. Bam! Failure is the Universe’s way of telling…

Successful Women and the Sacred Whore

Sex. Touch. Love. This is one of women’s greatest power throughout history. Women—since Eve and throughout the Bible and every other religious and philosophical tradition—have used sex as power, both economic and healing. Sexual ritual…

Burnout: Successful Women

Successful women don’t burnout. Do you know why? Because successful women understand that they can’t do everything alone, so they learn to ask for help, outsource and delegate. They don’t DIY their lives, rather they find social,…
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Successful Women Don’t DIY their Lives

The number one reason that people fail is that they’re trying to do life themselves. Women especially feel like they have to do everything for everyone without ever asking for help. God forbid we need “saving.” Dear God I need saving…
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Soul Path: Operating on Choices

Check out The Year of YES! Coaching packages and find out how getting on your Soul Path will help you operate on choices:  http://bit.ly/18BqOsj.   Find out more about your Soul Path and Operating on Choices by subscribing to our newsletter:…

What You Can Do

  Help me change my life? Yes, absolutely.
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Change My Life: How to be a BadAss!

I'm fierce in my contact kickboxing class and I'm a CrossFit BadAss! I'm pretty damned bendy from yoga too. I'm not just bragging. It's a fact, people. Guess how many push ups I can do? Zero. Guess how many pull ups I can do? Not…