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Why Being a Woman in Business Doesn’t Mean a Woman in Busy-ness

Women are amazing. I have a deep love of incredible women in my life. I have been blessed by the Universe with wonderful, strong, loving women who are a part of my tribe and who have supported me through all of the ups and downs of walking my…

Interview with Eryc Eyl, Corporate Survival Guru

Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with Eryc Eyl. Eryc helps working peeps integrate their work with a meaningful, fun and fulfilling life. Check out our discussion here:

Write or Die.

Write or Die. Those are my choices. My. Soul. Must. Write. It is how I live my Soul Purpose. In my memoir, The Year of YES!, I talk about the writer's life, the sacrifices I have made to keep writing even in the face of my husband's discouraging…