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Bored with Being Incensed


Noah Cyrus, Miley’s nine-year-old sister was photographed on a stripper pole with her friends at a night club before the Teen Choice Awards. Read that story on Dlisted.


Also in the Dlisted story is a new teen pop group titled The Lolitas. You know, like the elementary-aged little girl who “made” Humbert Humbert rape and molest her in the child pornography “classic” Lolita.


Then we have this innocent photo of Cheeky Sweetie’s daughter wiping marshmallow off her mouth after eating a s’more. Bing labled the photo something heinous in its algorithm and now the photo is popping up as an option for “penile penetration’ and “child nudity.”

I’m tired of being shocked and incensed that America’s children are being treated in this way. Does anyone have any other ideas? I’m leaning toward social annihilation and threat of physical harm.

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  1. Margaret says:

    I don’t know the answer myself. I get incensed myself, and I’m not sure what the heck to do about it. “The Lolitas”?? Egads.

    I feel like it’s an uphill battle–I can’t have the TV on during the day without incessant Viagra & Cialis ads, and in the same group of commercials, I’ve got a PSA telling me that I should tell my kids to wait to have sex!

    Frankly, that PSA is more likely to make my kids ask questions that any “Viva Viagra” jingle. Where are the PSA’s telling corporations to stop objectifying females before they even grow their permanent teeth? Run by misogynists hiding behind a corporate obligation to make money for investors, that’s where.

    Oh, Tracee…now I’m incensed all over again…


  2. Shauna says:

    That is absolutely unbelievable. I wonder if the parents of the “Little Victims” could be charged with child endangerment. They are portraying, at least complicitly, their children as sex objects to the most deviant of our society. I really think a case could be made for child endangerment.

    Being incensed isn’t working anymore. Maybe if people started protesting Disney and the other mega-conglomerates that are turning out sexualized girls on a veritable assembly line then we would see some action. It only works if someone loses money.

  3. Aaron says:

    From my “personal” experience, I see this behavior being encouraged by mothers, which makes it even sicker.


  4. Michelle says:

    Where are these girls’ parents? It saddens and sickens me that parents are no longer watching over their children like they should. Along with the decline of commitment in marriage is a decline in the care and responsibility taken of and for children and frankly, this not only scares the bejeezus out of me but also makes me extremely angry!

  5. that girl says:

    This is sick. What’s wrong with parents? I know their parents are not literally into making their daughters sexual objects…I think it just boils down to parents not putting enough thought and contemplation into their parenting.

    Going with the flow of society is NOT goign to earn anyone a healthy childhood or a parenting medal. It is up to us individually to really think through each scenario for our children.

    I don’t know what to think about the last picture – it’s sad we see any picture of a child and think something sexual…but the stripper pole? There’s no blurry line there. It’s a S-T-R-I-P-P-E-R P-O-L-E. Come on. What were they even doing there? And the Lolitas? What are they thinking?

  6. Tracee says:

    I doubt “The Lolitas” even know who Lolita is or what connotation is implied. They probably have a pervy manager who has made a note “Americans are into having sex with very young girls – exploit that.”

    I’m imagining – and I have no evidence of this – that the night club was rented as a venue for a Teen Choice pre-party and alcohol was served only to adults. Still, if a place has a stripper pole, it’s probably not appropriate for children. But, don’t tell that to Mrs. Kardashian, she has one in her home.

  7. Shauna says:

    With all due respect, and certainly we are all entitled to our own opinion; I do believe parents deliberately turn their children into sex objects – because they know that sex sells. Remember the Britney Spears video that was so innnocent but she was wearing a tiny provocative school girl outfit.

    I agree, that the girls do not likely know what Lolita is in reference to. The parents and managers are the ones who truly have the burden of blame.

  8. Tracee says:

    Maybe that’s true. I hope it’s not.

    I was in the den of Texas Cheerleading yesterday and while much of the dancing, etc was provacative, I think the parents’ intention was more to gain acceptance and popularity for their daughters than to turn them into sex objects.

    The fact is: Americans are buying it. Evidently, can’t get enough of it. The performers’ parents and managers are much to blame, but we’re (as a society) consuming it. There was a time in our puritanical history where such behavior on the part of parents and managers would have at least made them social outcasts.

  9. Shauna says:

    Agreed. We cannot hold the parents and managers solely responsible. Certainly that wouldn’t be an issue if there wasn’t a market. I guess I think if we can decrease the supply we can address the demand. That may be wishful thinking.

    I guess unless I move my family to an Amish community, I have to change the world one kiddo (girl AND boy) at a time. I am making a committment to raise an empowered, independent and well adjusted girl; and a boy who loves empowered, independent and well adjusted girls. 🙂

  10. Tracee says:

    I think I’ve come to that conclusion as well. I only get to raise 2 kids. I don’t get control over the whole world.

    I have no control over the supply and very little over demand either. Except, of course, publishing this piece which might actually be part of the supply. Dunno.

  11. Shauna says:

    I think this piece enlightens the supply…totally different. I am really glad that there are other people out there who worry and get angry about this stuff as well; and I am really glad that I can come to this blog and voice my (sometimes ridiculous) opinion. Giggle. Thanks.

  12. Angel Smith @ CheekySweetie says:

    I just wanted to thank you for your attention to Bing’s inappropriate referrals to my daughter’s photo. The photo was part of a post basically giggling at how messy kids are with s’mores. The tags were totally innocent and there is absolutely no reason for them to bring traffic for such putrid searches. I have had contact from a Microsoft representative and I am hoping for some resolution, but I won’t be satisfied until whatever went wrong is fixed. There are other children’s photos being served up to these degenerates, too.

    Anyway, thanks again.

  13. Tracee says:

    You’re welcome Angela.

    I wish I were naive enough to think it was a mistake. But, I’m not and I don’t. I believe they are intentionally using innocent children’s photos to make a profit.

  14. Anna says:

    @Tracee and Shauna,

    I’m with you in this. I’m also committed to change the world in my house, and raise my daughter and son as powerful as possible. Maybe this is the solution one family at a time and maybe we can get to the bottom of it and reduce both supply and demand at once.

    I’m so upset lately, girls are not respected anywhere, here they use them as sex objects and in a very modern way so most don’t think this is inappropriate and on the other side of the world they make 10 year old girls marry a 36 year old man (back in barbaric time) and they are proud of it.

  15. Amy says:

    just thought i’d let you know that i think “The Lolita’s” are actually referring to the fashion trend rather then the book/movie. It’s a style that started in Japan and has nothing to do with the other meaning. What their wearing looks like it might have been what they were going for, but they are doing it wrong.

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