Bigots are Screwed in this 2012 Election

What I like best about our choices during this election is that it taps into a lot of people’s prejudices and people who have them are screwed either way.

I know many Baptists and Evangelicals are probably freaking out and stomping their feet at the pulpits that their Republican choice is a Mormon


And a whole hell of a lot of people are pissed that the Democratic candidate is a moderately “rich,” educated black man.

A black man or a Mormon. . . for a religious bigot and racist this is no doubt evidence that their apocalyptic fantasies are manifesting. Just. Like. They. Knew. It. Would.

Oh please Mitt, please, oh please, choose a female candidate, better yet a mother, so the sexists crap their pants too!

This amuses me.

Hee Hee.

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