The Back Story

Like many spiritual seekers my journey began at ground zero

2000: New York City Editor

traceepregnantbabyIn 2000 I was happy and everything was going my way. I was newly married to a great guy. I had a sweet job as a New York City editor at a travel magazine. Free trips, good salary and benefits.

September 2001: Witness 9/11 Very Pregnant

9:11On my way to work one day I got off the train and witnessed the 2nd tower get hit on 9/11. In fact I got a photo of it. I spent the next several weeks writing about the event and walking by thousands of “missing” posters thinking, “these people aren’t missing they are dead.”

October 2001: Severe Post Partum-Depression

Wall-of-Prayers2A month after 9/11 I was rushed through National Guard checkpoints over the Brooklyn Bridge to have my first baby. When I got pregnant I was happy and bringing a baby into a safe world with a booming economy. Now, I was birthing a baby in a war zone after witnessing the mass murder of 3,000 people in a city of traumatized people who were being told to go to the mall. This was not good for my mental health.

2002-2006: Our World Explodes, Texas, Rehab.

texasAfter 9/11 I lost my job (travel industry crashed), was prescribed ever-increasing doses of Xanex (after I quit breast feeding), suffered pretty severe PPD, my marriage kind of went to crap under the stress of one income in NYC.

We moved to Texas for support. I tried to go back to work and had a nervous breakdown at Christmas and was sent to Rehab for Xanex addiction.

I fucking hate Texas. It’s like living in Fox News 24 hours a day. With hideous humidity. It’s the only place I’ve ever lived where its vegetation and climate tries to kill its own inhabitants. I tried to hold on to my ass in terror and anxiety and depression for a few more years, this time without the relief of medication.

My life fucking sucks.

2006: Baby II

019_17In 2006 I had baby #2 on the Spring Equinox. Not so bad this time.

2006: The Secret

photo (4) 2In 2006 I saw The Secret, the movie that reintroduced the concept of Law of Attraction to the world.

I figured it was worth a shot and attracted a pair of jeans with a red cuff at the bottom which I envisioned for my baby’s 1st birthday.

My passion for manifesting becomes a life experiment. This is the first thing that makes me feel powerful since 9/11 when I felt totally powerless.

Dream Boards have a huge impact on my life.

2006: Porch Epiphany

006_04AOne day my life was really sucking. I was wearing a heart monitor while smoking on my front porch while my daughter cried at the screen door and the baby cried from his crib. I was fat, unhealthy, depressed and when I woke every morning my first thought was, “Fuck, I’m awake.”

This is my life, I was whining to myself.

This is my life! my Soul answered.

All the sudden I was like, “wait, what if I live?”

And I knew I couldn’t go on living like a person who was waiting to die, as I had since 9/11.

“What would be something worth waking up for? What will make me want to live?” I asked myself.

I realized the key to any kind of living is purpose. 

2006-2015: Spiritual Education

book-774837_640Devour everything spiritual. Do a tremendous amount of energy work, past life regression, massage, acupuncture, meditation, yoga, Soul whispering and read everything I can about God, the Universe, the Sacred Feminine, Energy, Souls, various spiritual traditions, etc.

2007-2010: The Girl Revolution

lovedistortionMy purpose became empowering girls and their parents and advocates with a website and a movement: The Girl Revolution. I wrote 1,000 blogs, made it to and New York Times Magazine, wrote Love Distortion: Belle, Battered Codependent and Other Love Stories.

I helped millions of parents and daughters and even some sons.

Purpose = Life.

Oh yeah, and started a skincare company for girls that mostly sold sunscreen. Fail.

2010: Thank You Jesus 4 Colorado

yescoloradoWe moved to Colorado.

Thank you Jesus.

I finally found My People!

2012: Divorce, Poverty, Feminist Lies & Broken Bones

IMG_4530My life sucked again. I was divorced, making $600 a month and feeding my kids from the food bank.

I had lived the “feminist ideal” of the 1970s when the theory was that you could “take time off work and go back to your profession after some years of mothering” was untested.

Fail. Me and an entire generation of mothers. Fail.

Keeping my toes in journalism isn’t the same thing as making a living.

I get serious about my business to take on the provider role.

Also I broke my clavicle and had to ask my wasband for a ride home from our divorce proceedings.

2013-2014: The Year of YES!

yearofyesbookcoverEven though I was broke and scared, one day I was washing dishes when I realized that I wasn’t hearing a voice I had been hearing for years.

I want a divorce.

I want a divorce.


But, now that voice—my Soul—was silent because she had gotten what she wanted, a divorce. And now there was utter peace, a deep inner peace that made me feel amazing.

What if I did everything my Soul told me told me to do? What would my life look like? Where would my Soul take me? I wondered.

I thought it was a worthy experiment and I had nothing to lose. So I committed to saying YES! to my Soul for one year.

And I kept a very raw and personal diary. Which I published here.

2014: Year of YES! Clients

IMG_7394I start teaching clients how to run their businesses and their lives from a non-denominational spiritual perspective where they tune into their own Soul’s voice to receive direction.

Clients experience miracles. See the testimonial page.

2014: Sioux Ink

IMG_6175 In March of 2014 I was at a Hay House conference when I looked down and saw “Tracee Books” written on my hand. I laughed at the silliness of writing my own name on my hand. I had no memory of doing it.

Later in the conference I looked down at my journal and read, “You’re going to start a publishing company.”

“Maybe someday,” I thought.

That year I was investigating how I wanted to publish The Year of YES! and I realized that traditional publishing is a bad business decision for authors. You pay for your own marketing, someone else owns your copyright so you can’t repurpose the content, you make about .50 cents a book and it takes from 3 years to never to find an agent, get a publisher and get the book on shelves.

I also looked at self-publishing didn’t like the idea that I wouldn’t have 3rd party credibility.

So, I by October I had launched a publishing company, Sioux Ink: Soul Purpose Publishing.

My Soul is always right. So is yours.

2014: Maxcelerators Group Coaching

IMG_6723I am heartbroken every time I talk to someone who desperately needs coaching but literally cannot afford it.

I feel like a sleazy car salesman pitching coaching to people when I would advise against it if I were their coach based on their real financial troubles. I’m sure this costs me clients that I could probably guilt, shame or bully into signing up for my Year of YES! 1 year coaching package. But, my Soul hates that idea.

Instead I create a group coaching experience which provides people with all the information they need to find their Soul purpose and begin to manifest it for a very low price of $20 a month.

2015: Publish Two Authors

SiouxInkButtonI am deeply honored to publish two new authors.

Winston Hampton chose Sioux Ink to publish his inaugural book, Rumi Would Have Laughed: Mystical Love Poetry. This book will make you fall in love with the divine as you witness Win’s deeply intimate love affair with Spirit.

Janna Phillips wrote a fictionalized book about her life. However, by the time I was done editing it, it was a beautiful love story and a memoir of a psychic. I’m very proud of Out of the Blue: A Psychic’s Memoir.

2015 Write Soul vs. Ego Smackdown in 2 Days

soulvego3DLgIn November 2015 I went to a Northern Colorado Writers retreat with the intention (publically declared), “I’m going to write a book.”

I did.

30,000 words in 2 days. Published in about 2 weeks.

This simple plain-language handbook teaches you how to tell which is your Soul and which is your Ego.

2016: Be Happy

happysunflowersMy word for this year is Happy. I’m due for some happy. As I’ve traversed the spiritual path I’ve learned a few things.

Law of Attraction works, but what do you want to attract? You might think you know, but maybe your chasing something your ego wants.

Following your Soul will get you what you really, really want.

This year my goal is to find out just how happy I can get.

Street Cred

20 years of business journalism and I have special spiritual gifts. That’s the answer to the question, “Why would I take your advice about spirituality or business?”