False Labor

Mercury Retrograde! Thank you so much for your support. There were some technical difficulties on the distribution and publishing end...we will release next week, stay tuned for the Kindle Fire Contest and the official release date.

My Naked Truth, Kindle Contest & .99 Dream Making

Guess what? I’m practically skipping with glee. My memoir, The Year of YES!, is coming out on Tuesday. Yes, October 21, 2014. THIS Tuesday. I’m giving you a heads up that I could really, really use a favor from you. It’s easy and it’s…
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THE Big Dream (The Naked Truth & Cover)

My memoir, The Year of YES! is coming out on Tuesday. THIS Tuesday. This is it. THE Big Dream. The Year of YES! is a real time, unfiltered, raw account of the year I said YES! to everything my Soul told me to do. It came on the heels of that…