Editing! Editing! Editing! Dream Board "Accidents" (Law of Attraction and Relationships)

Earlier this month I was feeling lonely and sad. And I mean lonely and sad. It was out-of-character for me. Suddenly, I was sitting in my vintage green meditation chair, enjoying the serenity of my new pink bedroom, sad and lonely, when…

The Februaries: Help Me Change My Life

Got the Februaries? I bet you do. A case of the Februaries is sweeping the world over. I was editing my memoir, The Year of YES! last week and realized that February is when the shifting for the rest of the year occurred. I'm thinking…

People Rich! Law of Attraction and Relationships

I'm People Rich! I don't know how you would measure the stats, but I'm pretty sure I'm in the top 1% when it comes to the people in my life. I realized this, anew and with bigger impact, recently. Someone entered my life and there was potential.…

Women Change the World Radio Show: Life Coach

Click the pretty button to listen to a one hour radio show I did with Dr. Beth Golden on Women Change the World about how to say YES! to your Soul.