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Change My Life: Oprah Please Don't Leave Me!

I've watched the last episode of Oprah about four times now. I just keep hitting replay. 25 years. That's a serious emotional investment. I don't have adequate words for what Oprah and her show have done for me. She has changed my life. When…

April By Ainsley

In beautiful April, Flowers Bloom, And babies are born. Summer is almost here. It's getting even hotter, As spring passes by. The sun stays out, while gloomy clouds go away. Kids run around playing, Instead of inside their houses. Birds…

Royal Wedding (Disney CopyCats)

LOL. I'm not sure where this image is from, a friend emailed it to me.
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Life Coach: Teen Payback - Look Out!

Here's the scene: Grandma and Grandpa have come to visit. We're sitting around the dinner table. "Was my Mom a good teenager or a bad teenager?" Ainsley asked with a bit of a mischievous look in her eye. Pause. Forks in the air. My…