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True Love Waits - Twilight

I just read, True Love Waits, by Donna Freitas in the Wall Street Journal, an editorial about the Twilight vampire romance series. She made some good points about the Twilight Series and the sex involved. I've read the first one and though…

Kiss Me Now, Marry Me Later

This means Kiss Me Now, Marry Me Later and rabbit ears. Who told you that? Vicky's sisters. It means Peace or rabbit ears. Oh.

Peer Pressure & Faux Lunchables

Maybe you'll recall, last year my daughter had this annoying habit of harassing me about a school lunch tray and Lunchables. I sent her a healthy lunch in a pink plastic lunch box. Every day she'd negotiate with me, If I clean up my room can…

1st Day 1st Grade

Yesterday I sent Ainsley off to First Grade. Someone asked me, Did you cry? Cry? I did cartwheels! Which is an exaggeration. I felt a some relief. Have you any idea what its like to work with two small children in your cube? THIS…

Superwoman Mom = Supergirl Perfection Pressure

by Tracee Sioux Perfection - it's the pervasive modern-day feminine Achilles heel and we're passing it down to our daughters according to The Supergirl Dilemma a report about the pressure girls today are under. Girls feel strong pressure…

The Supergirl Dilemma, Girls Inc. Study

I was waiting in the Drs. office with Ainsley analyzing a copy of Girls Inc.'s The Supergirl Dilemma. A report about what kind of stereotypes girls are still dealing with in today's world and the kinds of pressures it puts on them to measure…
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Empowering Girls: Yoga Skills

One of my goals, as a parent, is to teach my daughter coping skills and practical techniques for dealing with stress. Personally, I've found yoga to be instrumental in building a core strength, core inner self and self worth, stress reduction…


Zack has called us both Mama since he could talk. He just learned to say Ainschley and sometimes it comes out Mama Ainschley. I guess this makes me obsolete?

Parenting Olympic Gymnasts

The Olympics are always an exciting time, to see those teenagers and early adults become the best in the world. It's awe-inspiring. I want to do that! Ainsley said about her newest Heroine Gou Jing Jing. Those children train every day from…

What Do YOU Want?

I'd like a better idea of who my audience is and what YOU want from this site. I won a blog critique from Chris G at chrisg.com. If the co-author of theProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income tells you to move your…
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10 Antidotes to Self-Objectification & Sexualization of Girls

Self Objectification occurs when girls believe the media and cultural messages that tells her she exists for male sexual entertainment. Sexualization of Girls is what the media and cultural messages designed to make her believe that her purpose…