Empowering Girls: School's Out

School's out. Summer is official and our routine has to shift. I have to look deep inside and find Fun Mommy.
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Empowering Girls: Distorted Bodies

by Tracee Sioux When I was a girl, Dolly Parton had "big ones." They were big like a caricature. Dolly's were abnormal and the butt of jokes all over the media. I was a B or C cup and my breasts were "normal." When you're a girl it's important…

Empowering Girls: School FundRaisers

Dear Friends and Family, I know you love Ainsley and so I sold your names, addresses, email addresses, phone and cell numbers to solicitors for a school fund raiser. They gave the school 50 cents for each family member or friend I sold…

Empowering Girls: Field Day

Sack Race How Low Can You Go? Team Work Tug Of War!

Empowering Girls: Lost Teeth

Dear Tooth Fairy, I dropped my tooth in the grass at school. Love, Ainsley This is the 3rd note. The Tooth Fairy left $1 in paper money. Note 1 - Dear Tooth Fairy Note 2 -Tooth Fairy Inflation

Empowering Girls: Auto Mechanics

I do not want Ainsley growing up feeling like she can't do anything around a vehicle. Women and girls drive. They buy cars. Their cars need maintenance. Ainsley's Daddy takes her out to work on the car if he has to change a tire or replace…

Empowering Girls: Frog Prince

You better be positive he's a prince before you marry him, Ainsley. I can't tell you how many women I know who married a toad and found out he was incapable of being anything other than a toad. (If you're not very careful you can marry…
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Empowering Girls: Choosing Princess

I was thinking about what I hate about the Princess Culture. It's the same reason I hate The Bachelor, Rock of Love and Flavor of Love - all Princess Culture derivatives. All the princesses wait to be CHOSEN. They never do the choosing. That's…
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Empowering Girls: Dancing With The Stars

When I am a teenager I'm going to wear a dress like that. Ainsley, please wait until you are an adult. Why Mommy? If you wear that as a teenager all the other mothers will judge me. Note to my mother: I. Am. So. Sorry! Image Source:…

Empowering Girls: Dutch Blitz Has Body Issues

Dutch Blitz has some body image issues. She used to be a size 15 and she still feels unacceptably fat sometimes, though the scale and the tag in her clothes tell her she's not. I know this because I've read her very honest and poignant blogs…

Empowering Girls - Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's message to girls: Don't Quit. Even when everyone keeps saying, "You'll never win, you should just quit." Don't. Did Danica Patrick stop in the 470th lap in the Indie 500 because it was "impossible for her to win?" NO.…