Empowering Girls: School's Out

School's out. Summer is official and our routine has to shift. I have to look deep inside and find Fun Mommy.
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Empowering Girls: Distorted Bodies

by Tracee Sioux When I was a girl, Dolly Parton had "big ones." They were big like a caricature. Dolly's were abnormal and the butt of jokes all over the media. I was a B or C cup and my breasts were "normal." When you're a girl it's important…

Empowering Girls: School FundRaisers

Dear Friends and Family, I know you love Ainsley and so I sold your names, addresses, email addresses, phone and cell numbers to solicitors for a school fund raiser. They gave the school 50 cents for each family member or friend I sold…

Empowering Girls: Field Day

Sack Race How Low Can You Go? Team Work Tug Of War!

Empowering Girls: Lost Teeth

Dear Tooth Fairy, I dropped my tooth in the grass at school. Love, Ainsley This is the 3rd note. The Tooth Fairy left $1 in paper money. Note 1 - Dear Tooth Fairy Note 2 -Tooth Fairy Inflation

Empowering Girls: Auto Mechanics

I do not want Ainsley growing up feeling like she can't do anything around a vehicle. Women and girls drive. They buy cars. Their cars need maintenance. Ainsley's Daddy takes her out to work on the car if he has to change a tire or replace…

Empowering Girls: Frog Prince

You better be positive he's a prince before you marry him, Ainsley. I can't tell you how many women I know who married a toad and found out he was incapable of being anything other than a toad. (If you're not very careful you can marry…