Living With Your Parents After Graduation

A Millennial View

After finishing my third year of college, I returned home for the summer to live at home with my family. I am not completely freeloading the whole summer, I have a part-time job at Target and am doing two different internships. Although I still do plan on relaxing and enjoying my extended time at home with my family, which is time that I have been looking forward to since Christmas.

A year from now, I expect to graduate from college and return home more permanently for a couple years. Unfortunately, there is a stereotype that has been placed on people who move back in with their parents after college graduation. People say that they are lazy, unmotivated, and irresponsible. And now with these stereotypes that people are placing on millennials in particular, there are even harsher things being said about those who move home after school.

People say that millennials are relying on their parents for financial and emotional support and are living at home in rates that college graduates have never done in the past. Personally, this doesn’t bother me. After graduation, I expect to have a full-time job. I want to be able to be financially responsible, so to ensure that, moving home is the best option that I can think of.

Moving home is something that excites me. The first 18 years of my life, I lived at home moving around the country with my Mom, Dad, and younger sister. Moving to college was difficult because I wasn’t ever sure if there would be another time in my life that we could all live under the same roof together. If I have only one last chance to have family dinners during the weeknight, go on big Costco trips, go on family hikes, and have my parents there to support me—I am going to take it.

If my parents are offering to take me in for a while to encourage me save money for my first house and car, why would I turn down free help? I am not too proud to accept this generosity. I know that if I do this, make a sacrifice of living at home instead of stretching myself to live on my own for a couple years, I will come out much better.

I plan on being able to buy my own house sooner, and a nicer one too. I plan on being able to buy a car as soon as I want to. The whole point of me living at home for a short while is so I don’t rely on my parents. I know that sounds like a very contradicting statement, but instead of taking the handouts from my parents in the form of cash, paid rent for an apartment, or a free car, I would rather earn my stay at their home

It is more respectful to my parents and it’ll be nice because it will be one of the last times in my whole life I can live with my parents. I believe that living at home will be the stepping stone to the next stage in my adult life.

This moving I am making will ensure a smoother and more successful change to when I eventually live on my own. I am so excited to start my last year of my college experience. I am also excited to move home and to be able to have the sense of comfort that I know what I will be doing and where I will be going (which is sometimes the hardest thing to figure out). Next step is to find a full-time job in Denver!