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10 Reasons Mommy Bloggers Are Broke

Mommy Blogger Will Work for MONEY - Take The Girl Revolution Challenge

1 – They have no intention of making money and no business plan or strategy.
2 – They think they have to choose between making money or doing something with passion.
3 – They believe if they work from home, they have to take less than a junior high school baby-sitter would take in exchange for 90 hours a week of scrounging for links and page views. And they keep talking about how lucky they are for the same reason.
4 – They will let anyone change a contract on them for no reason whatsoever. They don’t negotiate contracts, they accept them.
5 – They work for imaginary future income potential instead of cold hard cash right now. “We’re a start up, so we can’t actually pay you, but we’ll give you the special honor of rolling out 7 posts an hour for nothing and maybe in the future, if we like you enough, we’ll think about paying you for working.” They feel thrilled for being chosen ahead of all the other suckers willing to work for free.
6 – They work for tuna, cup cakes, boxes of cereal, handbags, free trips, and invitations to parties. This is doubly stupid because they have to pay taxes on income they can’t pay their mortgage with. It’s usually stuff they would never spend money on. Again, they feel grateful for this arrangement.
7- They let advertisers advertise on their sites for free because they used the words “give-away.” They think they’ve struck gold when giving the opportunity “review” an item and give it away. Again, paying taxes on items and shouldering the full cost of producing and hosting a blog for special fancy mascara they would never buy.
8 – They feel popular when corporations – especially big corporations with lots of advertising and marketing dough – ask them to give themselves away for free. “I feel so honored to have been chosen!”
9 – They judge the success of their blogs by comments, links and page views instead of income.
10 – They do not value what they do and who they are enough to hit “reply” with a simple message about their consulting, advertising, public speaking, give-away, and spokesman fees. They are, in fact, more afraid of the potential rejection than they are of working for Chicklets and girdles. Here is what a letter like that looks like, Nice Girls Don’t Talk About Money.

Then they wonder why The New York Times is condescending towards them. Here are 10 Reason Mommy Bloggers Deserve Condescension from The New York Times.

Read this book, Secrets of Six-Figure Women: Surprising Strategies to Up Your Earnings and Change Your Life, Mommy Bloggers and for goodness sake order it here so I can count it as income from my blog.

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  1. Alexis Saint says:

    That’s right! You’ve got both passion and a paycheck because The Girl Revolution book is going to be on the bestseller list!

  2. Linda@BabyToBeTV says:

    AMEN! We need to hear this from people like you, that it is ok to say no! I`m not going to write and edit and upload and wait and wait and wait for your X Company without a freaking paycheck.

    Patience is key

  3. Tracee says:

    I’m as guilty of being into bloggy folklore as anyone. But, I’m not going to do it anymore.

    I’ve drafted a letter stating my rates. I will copy and paste it into every email asking me to market a product on my website for free or product.

    Imagine if all 50 million Mommy Bloggers hit reply with our new rates.

    We’d get paid.

  4. Amy Kuras says:

    This is phenomenal and I want to repost it everywhere. I’m a journalist first, blogger second, and this happens in the print world as well. “Oh, you write for the newspaper? You HAVE to do a story about my family business and the amazing sale we’re having…” Um, no. As a journalist friend and I say, “you don’t call a plumber and ask him to work for free because you’re so nice, same deal for my skills.”

  5. Tracee says:

    Please post it everywhere Amy!

    Tune in tomorrow for some more wonderful goodness on this topic, the New York Times and a free button for all Mommy Bloggers!

  6. Michelle @ A Happy Hippy Mom says:

    This is so true! I’m guilty of all this and need to change. I’ve been so frustrated with all the free advertising work and giveaways without any personal compensation. I have lost complete respect for myself and website. I just need to say no, not worry about the rejection, and go back to basics. I’m struggling financially and I’m to blame. I can’t remember the last time I sat to write an article that didn’t have to do with a product review or giveaway! SHAMEFUL!

  7. trisha says:

    I require pay for almost everything unless I really really want it – and have intentions on buying it or would buy it.

    I agree w/ all you said…and the only way I turned a profit was to use this word: NO.

    Know. Your. Worth.

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