1 Texas Vote for Hillary

I feel privileged to have taken the opportunity to vote for the first woman and the first mother to run for President of the United States. May I see many more opportunities in my lifetime and may my daughter take for granted the possibility that a woman will win!

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  1. 280main says:

    I wish I was paying more attention to exactly who said this on the radio this morning, but you would have loved it as much as I did–it was something about how “Hillary” was the one “crying” while “Senator Obama” remained so cool and collected even while he was in the midst of breaking through profound racial barriers… Now, one doesn’t need to take anything away from Obama’s poise to recognize that Hillary Clinton might, just might, have a barrier or two she’s breaking through, too… (And if I hear that N.H. “crying” thing referred to one more time as if she was an 2 year old having a tantrum on the floor, I think I will simply die.) Lest this turn into an 8 page comment, I’ll stop here! 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, TraceeSioux, you definitely did not vote for the first woman and mother to run for US president, unless you voted for Victoria Woodhull (Martin) in 1872, who ran on the Equal Rights Party ticket. Her VP running mate was Frederick Douglass (yes, “the” Frederick Douglass). Many other women have run for US president since then, several of them in the Democratic primaries. Black Congresswoman and NOW co-founder Shirley Chisholm’s 1972 run in the Democratic primaries was widely covered by the mainstream media. For other woman candidates, see:


  3. Tracee says:

    You are correct Anonymous.

    I should have said the first VIABLE woman and mother candidate for President.

  4. Tracy Berta-daughter to the King, wife, mother, speaker, writer says:

    Hi, Tracee!

    I visited your blog today and felt compelled to write to you. It’s funny because you and I couldn’t be more polar opposites (I voted for Huckabee in my caucus and felt great for it!). I usually stay in “safe” territory in blogland, my Christian blogroll, etc. This is the first time I have “ventured out,” and I guess I am not sure if you will be open to talking with me. OK, here goes………

    I, too, have daughters, and also am mothering them to be empowered young women. I want them to have a voice- the freedom to say “no”, the confidence in who they are, the joy of living life…. I so appreciate your passion for empowering your girls.

    I have battled with issues myself growing up (I just turned 40)- looking for contentment and satisfaction and completion in many THINGS- food, body image and how I looked to men, shopping, partying, my sexual identity, activities……. But, about 10 years ago I found a relationship with Jesus Christ. I guess the difference is, because of my faith, it is not a confidence any longer in what I can do, how I perform, how I look…..but, I found my confidence and identity and worth in who I am in Christ.

    I am a new creation in Christ. I am accepted, loved, precious in His sight, forgiven, worthy……It is a freedom and a wild adventure like no other!

    Soooooo, I wanted to invite you to my blog- to read a little about what is on my heart. I would love to share ideas with you.


  5. Tracee says:

    How wonderful for you Tracy Berta.

    It sounds to me like we are not polar opposites, but very much the same.

  6. Tracy Berta-daughter to the King, wife, mother, speaker, writer says:

    Hi, Tracee!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I wasn’t sure if you had follow-up comments emailed to you, or if you would go back to the post, so I thought I would comment here. Here’s what I wrote:


    I am so glad you stopped by! I am so thankful that God is a God of miracles!!!!! I, too, see miracles everyday- healing, peace, changes of heart…….But, the BIGGEST miracle I see everyday is when I look in the mirror! God has completely saved this woman’s life! Oh, what I was before I became a new creation in Christ. Does God still perform miracles? I shout, yes, because I am one!

    When I read your comment, “supposedly impossible real Biblical stuff,” the verse that immediately came to mind was, “ALL things are possible with God” (and said a little differently in another place, “Nothing is impossible with God.”)

    How I agree with “you just have to know how to look.” I pray daily that God will give me eyes of faith! I don’t want to “miss” one!

    One of the miracles that comes to mind was when my 4 yr. old son Aaron was 1, he had clogged tear ducts. We had to keep bringing him to the eye doctor to check if they had opened. After praying for God to heal them, we took him the next day to the doctor- who was ready to schedule the surgery to open them. The doctor couldn’t believe it (and stopped short of calling it a miracle!). I praised God and thanked Him for His healing.

    Anyway, I hope you visit again soon. I look forward to chatting with you again, Tracee.


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