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Tracee Sioux

Publisher. Author. Spiritual Business & Life Coach. Radio Host.

Mother's Love Crows and Sun

Tracee has spoken the words that have been bouncing in my head... and placed them on paper and shared them with everyone... "Turn the LIGHT ON!" she shouts to us all... ! It only takes one to begin the process. Reading the Tracee's story and how she found allowances... and truths is both soul searing

Sioux Ink Publishing

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Year of YES! Movement

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Year of YES!

spiritual business & life coaching

Are you ready to take the leap? Do you feel a call from within … pleading with you to make a change? Are you scared out of your pants? Do you feel like you don’t have enough money or enough time or that you’re just not good enough?

Year of YES! Spiritual Business & Live Coaching is the help you’ve been calling out for. You achieve miracle results when you tune into your Soul and have the audacity to manifest your Soul Purpose. Read more here.


Pat Forbes

I started working with Tracee about 3 years ago. She is amazing at helping me come out of my Hermitness. Actually she not only helped me but drug me kicking and screaming at some moments. If it were not for her I would not have been able to give a lecture and workshop at the

Alchemy Universal Therapies

Sioux Ink: Soul Purpose Publishing

a full-service publishing company

Sioux Ink is a full service publishing company. With our complete packages we charge an honest fee, with no hidden costs, and take zero of your book sales profits. Zero. You keep your profit, your copyright and your creative control.

Our commitment as a publishing company is to help authors serve their Soul’s Purpose and to birth light into the world through written and audio communication.

The publishing industry has undergone dramatic shifts as more and more material is birthed into the world with on demand printing and ebooks. This offers today’s author far more publishing options. At Sioux Ink, we encourage authors to make the best business decision for their ultimate publishing goals.

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Winston Hampton

"I first met Tracee when I read her book"The Year Of Yes." I was so impressed I had to meet her in person!! Tracee has been a GodSend! As I became ready to publish my book of Poetry "Rumi Would Have Laughed", Tracee stepped up and made it happen. She inspires me!!! As my publisher

A Life-Changing Soul Handbook

I channeled this book in two days (Just for YOU!)

Your Soul has a purpose, It knows the fastest, easiest way to get there, And it will never, ever steer you wrong. Tracee Sioux, author and creator of The Year of YES! What if you said YES! to everything your Soul told you to do for one year? sat down and wrote this book in two days. God energy surged through her, dictating an inspiring and down-to-earth handbook to help you identify and live your Soul purpose. Soul vs. Ego Smackdown will help you identify which voice is your Soul, which voice is your mother’s and which voice is your Ego’s through a simple Soul Whispering 101 technique. You’ll be able to make more conscious choices and say YES! to your Soul once you understand and can identify your Ego’s trickery. We have a purpose! Read this book! ~ Your Soul. Don’t read this book! We don’t have time. You ain’t got no purpose. Just go binge watch Netflix. ~ Your Ego.

Your Soul

You have a purpose! There's something here, in this life, for YOU! Read this book and find out what it is!

The One Year Life Experiment

a raw & personal memoir.

What happens when you say YES! to everything your Soul tells you to do for one year?

The Year of YES! is one woman’s spiritual journey to free herself from the conventions that bound her Soul. This memoir is a raw, unflinching confrontation with the pain and regrets of a jagged past, an exploration of sacred (and not-so-sacred) sex, a slaying of demons, a baptism, and a transmutation of self.

Tracee Sioux starts her Year of YES! on the heels of a divorce. Having tanked her career for motherhood, she was making $600 a month and feeding her kids from the food bank. Yet, her Soul made a promise: Follow me, I know where I’m going, I know the fastest, easiest way to get there and I will never, ever steer you wrong.

She said YES!


I knew better than to buy this book.

It's my own fault; I got sucked in because I am in a similar place in my life. I give her credit for sharing very personal challenges, but she basically just published her own journal. This is a disjointed, rambling stream of consciousness. She didn't even put enough effort into it to complete thoughts or

Amazon Reviewer

Year of YES! Movement

group coaching & mastermind

Year of YES! Maxcelerators is a group coaching program with like-minded thinkers, like-minded believers and like-minded Do-ers who all have one thing in common: They have chosen to live by their Soul’s Purpose. THIS is the place where you can receive the support you need.

I created Maxcelerators because when people come to me for help, my Soul cries YES! YES! YES! But, many of them can’t afford private coaching, though my prices are extremely reasonable. I created this self-guided, on demand group coaching program to provide help to everyone who needs it. Now, the caveat is that it is a group coaching program so you’re going to have to commit to it and have some self-discipline about it. The effort you put into it will translate into the results you get out of it. Are you ready? Say YES!

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